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GL Pianos

Garron R. Larcombe

Certified Piano Technician & Aural Tuner 

Ystrad Mynach College, City & Guilds diplomas in Piano Tuning/Rebuilding

Studied at; The Cardiff College of Music, The Royal Schools of Music; Wales, Great Britain


Tuning a Shigeru Kawai SK7 Semi-Concert Grand for a performance. Shigeru Kawai’s are one of the world’s best instruments. They are handmade and this particular 7’ 6” model retails for $124,295

GL Pianos / The Piano Warehouse

was founded and established by certified piano technician and keyboardist Garron R. Larcombe.

In Los Angeles, what began as a 6 day a week tuning & repair service over 3 decades ago has grown into a successful piano business

offering New Kawai (acoustic & digital), pre-owned acoustic Yamaha and Kawai, restored Steinways, and play piano systems. 


One of the most unique and expensive pianos I have worked on was for the world-renowned recording artist Prince

I worked on several pianos for him including his Schimmel / Colani K208 “Pegasus” Grand

Notice; Prince removed the Pegasus symbol from the lid and replaced it with his “Love Symbol
There were only 14 Pegasus grands made and they retailed for approx. $200,000 each


On stage at the Hollywood Bowl tuning for Thom Yorke, Flea, etc. Their band 'Atoms for Peace' was playing

that night and I stayed for the concert which was great!


For 5 years I tuned the piano for the exclusive Vanity Fair Oscar Party. It was interesting being part of the crew

and twice I made the Vanity Fair 'Setting the Stage' videos 


Voicing a few hammers on a Hamburg

Steinway A Grand - May 2011

Vanity Fair 'Setting the Stage'

Background & Qualifications


Originally from South Wales, Great Britain, I began playing piano at the age of 8. A few years later I received a certificate in Grade V (Higher), in ‘Theory of Music’ from the Royal Schools of Music, and studied percussion at the Cardiff College of Music (I played percussion in a youth orchestra). By coincidence, years later I tuned & prepped pianos for the Royal Schools of Music for other students to take their exams.

My interest in music then progressed into the technical aspects of pianos and in 1979 (I was 17), was accepted into Ystrad Mynach College (music dept.) in Wales. I studied at the college in their 2-year, full-time program specializing in tuning, repairing, and reconditioning pianos, alongside guitar, harp, and violin makers. 

 To see my Qualifications 


Click on the Welsh Dragon


Upon graduating I received several certificates from the City and Guilds of London Institute. I also became a member of the

Institute of Musical Instrument Technology which is equivalent to being a RPT in the Piano Technicians Guild in the U.S.

Shortly thereafter I started and operated my own piano service & rebuilding shop in Wales (GL Pianos).

The local newspaper did a story about me when I was

19 years old (Wales, GB). This was one of the pictures they took.

Notice the bass strings go straight down on the piano because it's

a Birdcage/Overdamper; over 120-year-old European piano.


Since moving to Los Angeles in 1985, I have tuned & serviced over 25,000 pianos (without exaggerating). Through my skill, hard work and dedication I became one of the most requested technicians working throughout Los Angeles County.

Never turning any job down, I also covered approx. a 300-mile perimeter throughout SoCal including: Orange, San Bernardino,

Riverside, and Ventura counties; tuning and servicing 4 or 5 pianos a day - 6 days a week.

Antique & Unusual Pianos

Over the years, I specialized in many antique pianos including Birdcage/Overdamper, Square Grands, Viennese, and any strange and unusual pianos which came my way. I always found it interesting to investigate these instruments, many times having to improvise repairs as parts were not available.

I had approx. 25 clients with Square Grands including John Schneider The Dukes of Hazzard’ & Wes Borland Limp Bizkit

To read more about Square Grands and Birdcage/Overdamper pianos; 

Antique_Unusual Pianos

January 2000, my clients were very pleased with my work - they could not find a local technician

who wanted to tackle all the repairs & tune their very old and unique piano.
Their Chickering Square Grand dates back to approx. 1870. They sent me this note with the photo.


I have worked on all types of Player Pianos, Mini Pianos, Nickelodeons (with or without a keyboard), Electric Pianos (Fender Rhodes, Yamaha CP-70, Kawai EP-608, etc.), Hohner Duo (Clavinet/Pianet), Autoharps, etc.

The oldest pianos I have tuned & worked on were 2 different John Broadwood & Sons Semi Grands, one of which was serial #10433 and was made in London in 1826 (I was told it was on the Queen Mary ocean liner).

I was also the main technician for Owen Piano Company for their stores in Los Angeles and Canoga Park for approx. 9 years

(1986 to 1995), and worked for other well-known piano stores in L.A., Hollywood, and the surrounding areas.

To read a referral letter from Owen Piano Company;

Owen Piano Company

I don’t usually sell Steinway Duo-Art reproducing pianos however as the player system worked very well, I decided to partially restore this piano with new refinishing, strings, damper felts, and hammers (and have an associate of mine service the player)
I find these instruments fascinating with a lot of character and soul


I also included 48 rolls of music

Steinway OR Duo-Art Reproducing Grand (1929)

I shot this video on the day of delivery at my client's home

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