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Throughout the years I have enjoyed the reputation for producing some of the finest quality restorations.

Steinway & Sons, Mason & Hamlin, Baldwin, and Wm. Knabe are some of the most restored brands. Restored Baldwins and Knabes are far better than their new lines from China (Baldwin), and Korea and Indonesia (Knabe).


Hollywood United Methodist Church

A Los Angeles historical landmark has been one of my clients for over 20 years. They commissioned me to refinish and recondition their 9ft Kawai Concert Grand Piano.


To read a referral letter from HUMC business administrator; 


Our Specialty Work Includes:

Cabinet: Strip & refinish in hand rubbed satin, semi-gloss or high gloss (lacquer or polyester). Repair or replace damaged woodwork & veneers.
Soundboard: Repair cracks and refinish (satin or glossy). If needed, custom make & install new soundboard,

ribs, bridges, etc.
Decals: Replace soundboard & fallboard decals. Custom make special decals.
Hardware: Replate and/or polish nickel, chrome or brass including plate bolts.
Pin Block: Custom make and install new.
Strings: Replace all, bass & treble sections.
Tuning Pins: Install all new rust resistant, nickel plated pins.
Frame/Plate: Regild, hand paint lettering & replace all under string felts. Replace agraffes.
Lyre/Trapwork: Overhaul & regulate, replace felts.
Keys: Replace keytops, refinish or replace sharps, veneer sides of keys, refelt bushings, key-end felts.
Ivory Keys: Replace missing ivories (with old ivory). Bleach & buff to look like new.
Keyframe Felts: Clean & re-felt front rail, balance rail, back rail.
Dampers: Replace felts, refinish heads, regulate & overhaul.
Action Parts: We use the best parts available & offer our clients: Steinway, Renner, Tokiwa, etc.
Action: Replace hammers, shanks, flanges, wippens, backchecks, etc. Regulate and voice. Recover backchecks (if not replaced). Modify & custom make action parts if not available.
Back Action: Replace damper tray if needed.
Tune: Tune to A440 concert pitch.


Optional Services include: Professional installation of climate control systems and player piano systems - QRS PNOmation, PianoDisc.

Here are a few examples of our fine craftsmanship

Bing Crosby's Wm. Knabe 1921

Arthur Freed's Steinway O 1915

Bel-Air Bay Club's Steinway B 1893

(before & after photos)

(before & after photos)

(before & after photos)

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