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Steinway O Parlor Grand 1915

(Arthur Freed's piano - now owned by his grandson)

Arthur Freed was the legendary producer and composer (“Singin’ in the Rain”, etc.), at MGM Studios

He was also a 4-time Oscar winner and President of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences from 1963 to 1967

We refinished this Steinway in Black Satin with Nickel hardware. The Action was rebuilt
with Renner parts
Back in my clients home after restoration - notice a few of Arthur Freed's Oscars and awards
in the background
We restored the top end: refinished soundboard, regilded plate, new decal, new pin block,
damper felts, tuning pins, new strings,
replated hardware, etc.
Here we replaced several cracked ivories and then
cleaned and buffed all the keys 
to look like new

To read a referral letter from my client;

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