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This page details some of my past history as a musician/composer. I began playing piano at the age of 8 and at 16 started playing Hammond organs throughout clubs in Wales - many times backing guest singers which I had to sight-read their music on the spot. A few years later I went to college and after graduating became a piano tuner/technician.

While working on pianos during the day, I continued to play keyboards and was approached by other musicians to join a group and tour the states. This took me to Los Angeles and our rock band ‘National Anthem’ was semi-successful playing numerous clubs and gigs throughout L.A. and Vegas. In the years that followed, the band members went their separate ways.


On stage with a few of my keyboards - I missed

my Hammond C3 and Hohner Duo (Clavinet),

which I left back in Wales


A toast after a gig - Los Angeles 1985


Live at Madam Wongs West, Santa Monica, CA
We played there quite often in 1985 - a well known rock venue. Notice we all set up at the front of

the stage, unconventional but cool!

To view different lineups of the band and videos

Visit our YouTube page

I then decided to develop my own recording studio in Los Angeles and in 1986 I created and established SoundTrack Studio and became a member of BMI as a music writer and started GRL SoundTrack Publishing. I worked for many production companies,

film trailers houses, etc.

Eventually, running 2 different businesses at the same time (pianos by day, music by night), became too demanding so I finally made the decision to concentrate my efforts on my piano business.


A few of my credits include scoring music for

motion picture trailers and TV spots for;

'Narrow Margin' (2 TV spots)

Inside Edge

'A Nightmare on Elm Street 5'

The Hard Truth

'Vampire's Kiss'

'License to Kill 007'
'To Protect and Serve

'Speed Zone'

'Terminal Justice: Cybertech P.D.'  

'In the Eye of the Snake'

'Schweitzer: Out of Darkness'

Below are Videos of a few other trailers I scored;

I specifically remember with 'Flatliners' sampling sounds of Whales and animals into the track to add some eerie effects. 

Click Videos to View.

John Candy ‘Who’s Harry Crumb?’

Phillip Rhee 'Best of the Best 3'

Kiefer Sutherland, Julia Roberts 'Flatliners'

From 1987 to 1993 I was the original music composer for the 'Genesis Awards' show which

aired on the Discovery Channel and Animal Planet.  Genesis Awards Theme

I composed the Theme along with the music to play the guests, award winners, and celebrities on and off the stage.  Opening of the ‘7th Annual Genesis Awards’ (1993)

To read about the ‘Genesis Awards’ and the work they honor in the news and entertainment media to raise public awareness of animal issues; Click here

To view a video celebrating the 'Genesis Awards 25th Anniversary'; Click here

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