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Buying/Selling Info.

Our piano inventory is streamlined as we offer only the most popular names, Kawai, Yamaha, and Steinway.

Unlike retail piano stores, we don't sell Old Trade-ins, Worn Out Rentals, Cheaply made Stencil or Off Brand Pianos!

In addition, we don't inflate our prices to give people the
illusion they are getting a huge discount when the store comes

down on their price!

Many piano stores use the same techniques as car dealerships, always having a sale and using high pressure to buy!

Once people leave their showroom they are always calling to follow up. In fact, I know of one store that went from selling

pianos to golf carts!

Make, Model, Condition, and Age greatly affect the value of a piano. To be an informed consumer; always check the
serial number on Yamaha and Kawai’s website to find out the real age!

The Piano Warehouse does not use Misleading Advertising and/or Store GIMMICKS such as;

The Rent to Own program, The 100% Trade-Up, We Pay the Sales Tax, Tent Sales, Discount Coupons/Certificates, The

Buy-Back Guarantee, The Low Price Guarantee, NAMM Show Specials, and the year-long (or more) Going out of Business Sale - only to open at another location or change the name of the store and then have a Grand Opening Sale.

Institutional/College Sales are also misleading as these events are all put on by piano stores (many pianos are shipped from the stores into the college for the event). Some stores even cover up the piano model number with small plaques, etc., so potential buyers can’t go to a competing store and find out it's not a special price being offered in the college. Also, professional salespeople are hired (flying across the country), specifically for these so called sales.

When buying a pre-owned piano from one of my clients, I found one of these small plaques from a college sale still on their piano covering up the model number. 


Selling your piano?  Beware of Consignment!

Many piano stores want to get your piano for free and lock you into a contract. It can literally take Months or even Years and many sellers do not get what they were originally promised for their piano!
In the piano world, it’s called a
Buy Down - some stores will offer a good amount on Consignment however they will then call the piano owner months later and lowball their original offer. Always get Cash up-front for your piano!

With us, you get Fast Cash on the spot and we pay more than most pianos stores. The ONLY name brands we buy are: Kawai, Yamaha, and Steinway.


While sometimes we offer vintage Steinway pianos with original ivory keys, I would like to stress that I do not endorse the use of new ivory on any new or reconditioned piano (or anywhere else).

Elephants and other ivory-producing animals are rapidly declining and are in danger of total extinction, not to mention the horrendous way that poachers remove ivory from living animals.

The ‘Piano Technicians Guild’ has also stated they oppose the use of new ivory and further supports a ban on all ivory trade.

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