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C. Bechstein B Grand 1897

We refinished this Bechstein grand in an
elegant Black Satin
In the process of being rebuilt - new pin block, refinished soundboard, regilded plate, new decal, etc.
The pin block was difficult to replace as it was built into the sides of the piano. We also added an extra ebony veneer to the top of the open-faced pin block to copy the original design
The next step - we changed the felts, restrung the piano, and installed the reconditioned dampers
In addition to refinishing, we also reveneered the whole lid and parts of the piano body
Notice our attention to detail - we replated all the hardware in Nickel (every screw and bolt), and hand-painted the letters taking our work to
the next level of quality
We buffed the original ivories to look like new
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